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Housing Trust Fund Application Cycle – Now Open 


The City of Asheville will begin accepting applications from qualified entities and organizations to administer and deliver affordable housing projects with funds made available through the Housing Trust Fund on Monday, December 19, 2022.  The deadline for submission of project proposal applications is Friday, February 10, 2023 at Noon (12:00 p.m). 


Please see the Housing Trust Fund page for information on the policy and how to apply. 


The City of Asheville understands that a healthy affordable mixed-income community needs a variety of housing types at a variety of price points, both homeownership and rental, for the variety of incomes, wages and salaries produced in Asheville. Unfortunately, many wages, salaries & incomes produced in our area don’t support the average housing costs in Asheville, both homeownership and rental.

The City of Asheville recognizes that it can play a valuable role in providing affordable housing within the City and eliminating this affordability gap.  The current housing market has a significant lack of affordable units and presents a variety of challenges, including housing’s connection to a thriving local economy for our residents who live and work in Asheville.

The City is committed to utilizing the policy tools at its disposal, listed below to produce, preserve and protect affordable housing. The City’s recognizes its role in the solution towards affordable housing as –

  • Funder
  • Convener / Collaborator 
  • City-owned Land
  • Regulatory  
For questions – please email Sasha Vrtunski, 




Affordable Housing Tools


Resources and Information



  • 2021 Affordable Housing Guide in both English and Spanish for local rental properties and resources 



  • 2022 Affordable Housing HUD Area Median Income (AMI) Rents / Appendix 1  – Updated 7/1/2022


  • 2021 Homeownership Expense Calculator with HUD Area Median Income (AMI) / Appendix 2 


  • Homeowner Property Tax Grant Program to help qualified homeowners in the City of Asheville, up to $500.  Read more here on how to qualify & application.


  • For additional information & resources, please see the Community Development News & Updates Tab


City Council Work Sessions 




Developer Investment Tools 


Utilizing City Owned Land to preserve, protect & produce affordable housing.

The City’s Low Rate Loan Program for affordable housing.

City property tax abatement program (grant) in exchange for affordable housing.

A Discount on many Fees associated with the production of affordable housing working with the Development Service Department.

Development projects with Affordable Housing are prioritized by the Development Services Department.

A Discount on your sewer connection per affordable unit.


Understanding bonds & the Referendum Process
*Bond Dashboard Update Coming Soon*

City of Asheville Housing Bond




Funding to re-purpose city-owned land for affordable housing Citywide $15,000,000
Housing Trust Fund Citywide $10,000,000
Total   $25,000,000








Contact Information

Sasha Vrtunski , Affordable Housing Officer


Phone: 828-259-5560


If you are looking for affordable housing, suffering a housing crisis, in need of rental assistance or down payment assistance, or you have concerns about our homeless community, 

Please Call 211. The service is free, confidential and available in any language.