Parks Tree Initiative

Beginning in Spring, 2017, the Parks and Recreation Department is implementing a 3-year initiative to plant trees throughout the 74 facilities that the Department oversees for the City of Asheville.  To kickoff the program, we're launching 30 Trees In 30 Days, with the goal of planting 30 trees beginning March 28 and ending on Arbor Day, April 28.

The goals of the program are simple:

  •  To increase the tree canopy within the City of Asheville and be good stewards of our environment.
  •  To enhance Parks facilities and make them more enjoyable for our guests.
  • To provide a hands-on educational experience for youth in our afterschool programs.
  •  To collaborate with community partner organizations and individuals.

 You can keep track of our progress here and find out where we're going next.  We'd love to have you come join us and Asheville Greenworks at our next planting.  For more information and to find out how you can be involved, contact:


  Sandra Travis 

Christy Bass


March 28 @ 4pm
Shiloh Recreation Center - 121 Shiloh Road