Wellness Wednesday – Daylight Saving Time can help recharge your sleep pattern

“Hello darkness, my old friend. Soon you’ll come at 5 p.m.” Is that how the lyrics go? The twice-yearly ritual of adjusting our clocks by an hour returns this weekend.  Daylight saving time (DST) in North Carolina officially begins at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March when clocks are set ahead by one hour [...]

Asheville Parks & Recreation announces promotions

Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR) has announced a number of promotions within the department as community demand for high-quality public recreation spaces, leisure and cultural programming, and youth and adult sports increases following years of slimmed-down operations during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. These well-earned promotions reinforce APR’s vision to be North Carolina’s [...]

Stephens-Lee Community Center announces closures and relocations for October 25-30

As Stephens-Lee Community Center prepares to become the Haunted Castle on the Hill for Festival of Frights, some classes have been cancelled or relocated.    Purchase your tickets for Haunted Castle on the Hill to experience one of the area’s longest-running haunted houses.                         [...]

Burton Street Community Center celebrates Hispanic heritage on October 21

Burton Street Community Center (134 Burton Street) is becoming known for fun events that explore Hispanic and Latino heritage. From the quirky Cinco de Star War to monthly Latin cuisine classes with Chef Martina Valdez, the center has successfully struck a balance between creating authentic, welcoming spaces for Hispanic and Latino families that are [...]

Festival of Frights brings kooky fun and spooky chills October 21-31

Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR) brings ghoulish greetings with its annual Festival of Frights starting on October 21. The series of events includes a toddler costume party, nighttime skating, creepy climbing, and trips through a haunted castle, a greenhouse of horror, and a trail of treats.   While Ashevillians can stop in for a spell at [...]

Fall for Asheville Parks & Recreation – and receive a gift!

Out-of-towners like to speculate when fall foliage will peak in Asheville to plan a visit. For locals, the beauty of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains means the chance to enjoy a regional show of bright yellow, burnt orange, and vibrant purple hues that can last six to eight weeks. That span is shorter in [...]

Senior Opportunity Center renamed Grove Street Community Center

After nearly 50 years of being known as Senior Opportunity Center, the community center on 36 Grove St. in downtown Asheville has a new name. During its September 13 meeting, Asheville City Council approved Asheville Parks & Recreation’s (APR) request to rename the building to Grove Street Community Center. While the community center [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Keep living your story at Asheville community centers for older adults

Each September, community centers for older Americans celebrate the wellness, cultural, and social opportunities they provide. Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR) has two such centers that specialize in recreation and leisure programming for community members who’ve reached the prime of life.  Harvest House originally opened as a retail space in [...]

Explore, connect, and discover with Asheville Parks & Recreation this fall

Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR), like the community it serves, is constantly changing and evolving. In alignment with Asheville City Council’s 2036 Vision and current strategic priorities, the department is focused on Improving Core Core Services, Neighborhood Resilience, and Improving Public Safety. APR’s fall program guide reflects the department’s [...]

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