City helps Biltmore Village businesses connect the dots and volunteers dig in, with the help of GreenWorks

Sometimes it takes a village. In this case it took a collaboration. Flash flooding that dogged Biltmore Village several times last winter puzzled — and vexed — business owners. While Biltmore Village is built in a flood plain, this flooding was different than what they had experienced before. The prevailing notion was something had changed. So members [...]

It’s called a beacon and it’s coming to Amboy Road

It runs parallel to the French Broad River, with its recreation opportunities and popular riverside parks. But just try crossing Amboy Road. There’s the real adventure, right? This heavily traveled road has a 45 mph speed limit with narrow shoulders and no sidewalks on either side. So City Traffic Engineer Jeff Moore has been working on [...]

Help make Asheville a bear smart community

Do not feed the bears. The well-known sign is posted in Yellowstone National Park. But it also applies right here in Western North Carolina. Yet you may not even realize you are doing it. Bird feeders and unattended outdoor trashcans are the biggest culprit. People who intentionally leave out corn or birdseed for bears do the [...]

Don’t confuse bike lanes with parking spaces on Craven Street

Share the road doesn’t just apply to when you are driving. It also applies where you park your car. So here’s a heads up regarding a particular street in Asheville. Since 2014, the City of Asheville has been working on the Craven Street Improvement Project, a multimodal roadway and waterline upgrade adjacent to New Belgium Brewing. Work is [...]

Asheville firefighters to participate in free smoke alarm canvas Saturday

Red Cross volunteers, Asheville firefighters, AmeriCorps volunteers to install FREE smoke alarms and educate West Asheville residents on home fire prevention    Asheville firefighters, American Red Cross volunteers and AmeriCorps volunteers will spend Saturday, May 7, walking door-to-door installing free smoke alarms and distributing fire safety information to residents in neighborhoods surrounding Hall Fletcher Elementary School. They will [...]

Asheville Police urge motorcycle caution on Town Mountain Road

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. In this video, Sgt. Scott Pruett with the Asheville Police Department Traffic Safety Unit discusses motorcycle awareness on Town Mountain Road. This popular road for motorcyclists has a 35 mph speed limit. It’s a residential area also popular with bicyclists. Be cautious and observe motorcycles during their seasonal return to our [...]

Asheville Police crisis negotiators team to defuse crisis situations

“Die Hard, “The Negotiator” and “Speed. What do all of these movies have in common? They all involve actors portraying skilled crisis negotiators assisting in the rescue of hostages. At the Asheville Police Department we don’t employ actors, but rather officers trained to effectively communicate with people who are in a crisis situation. A team [...]

Asheville streets reopen following flash flooding

Asheville streets closed by flash floods Wednesday, Feb. 3, have now reopened, as waters have receded. The National Weather Service Flash Flood Warning that was in effect until 4:30 p.m. resulted in a daily record rainfall of 2.15 inches in Asheville, besting an old record of 1.79 inches set in 1982.   From Wednesday’s coverage   Stay safe! Do not [...]

City of Asheville making progress clearing snow/ice from neighborhoods, sidewalks

ART bus routes back to normal   A quick update on the City of Asheville’s snow recovery efforts:   ART bus service resumed normal operations on all routes Tuesday afternoon and that continues today. The Public Works Streets Division has all of it equipment focusing on hitting problem areas as they are reported and plowing and putting material on secondary [...]

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