Mayor’s Committees

Mayor’s Committee for Citizens with Disabilities


The “mayor’s committee” was made up of a group of private citizens – volunteers – who worked together to create awareness of issues facing persons with disabilities in their city. The Asheville Mayor’s Committee no longer meets regularly.

Accomplishments of the committee include:

  • Participation in the city’s Volunteer Handicapped Parking Enforcement Program.
  • Presentation of awards each fall to individuals and businesses for outstanding advocacy, awareness and contributions.
  • Community education, training and resources, such as an accessibility checklist and a resource list for businesses.
  • Inclusive job fairs, therapeutic recreation events, statewide meetings, and celebrations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For any additional information, please call the Mayor’s office at 828-259-5600.


Mayor’s Committee for Veterans’ Affairs


In April 2007, Mayor Terry Bellamy created the Mayor’s Committee for Veterans Affairs, a volunteer committee charged with providing advice to the mayor on events and issues of interest to active duty and retired service members and military veterans.


Goals of the committee include:

  • Serving as the advisory board for the city’s Memorial Day event and the Veterans Day event
  • Advising the Mayor on how best to increase the participation of veterans in local government
  • Increasing awareness of education, employment and other community resources available to retiring and separating members of the military
  • Providing a forum for former members of the military community to express their views and interests directly to local government officials


Upcoming events

None at this time.


Contact Information


For any additional information, please call the Mayor’s office at 828-259-5600.


Updated 02/26/2020