Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee will recommend public safety policy direction in areas of interest including police, fire, EMS, and emergency management services. The committee will also review matters relating to the illegal use and possession of narcotics and drugs, intergovernmental relations related to public safety issues, cooperation with law enforcement and fire and rescue, and emergency management agencies, as well as educational and research organizations, involved with control and prevention of illegal traffic in and use of narcotics and drugs.

Members: Councilmember Brian Haynes (Chair), Vice-Mayor Gwen Wisler, Councilmember Sheneika Smith

Staff Liaison: City Manager Debra Campbell

Meeting Schedule: Starting January 2020, Public Safety Committee meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 3:30p.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room of Asheville City Hall (70 Court Plaza)

NOTICE: Council Committee meetings are CANCELLED; to include electronic and meetings by phone until further notice.


Click here for archive documents of the Public Safety Committee

Agenda Documents Video Recording
2020/02/25 02/25/2020 Agenda 02/25/2020 Documents
2020/01/28 01/28/2020 Agenda 01/28/2020 Documents 01/28/2020 Recording
2019/12/17 12/17/2019 Agenda 12/17/2019 Documents 12/17/2019 Recording
2019/10/31 10/31/2019 Agenda 10/31/2019 Documents 10/31/2019 Recording
2019/09/26 9/26/2019 Agenda 9/26/2019 Documents 9/26/2019 Recording
2019/08/22 8/22/2019 Agenda 8/22/2019 Documents 8/22/2019 Recording
2019/07/25 7/25/2019 Agenda 7/25/2019 Documents 7/25/2019 Recording
2019/06/27 6/27/2019 Agenda 6/27/2019 Documents 6/27/2019 Recording
2019/05/23 5/23/2019 Agenda 5/23/2019 Documents 5/23/2019 Recording
2019/04/25 4/25/2019 Agenda 4/25/2019 Documents 4/25/2019 Recording
2019/02/25 2/25/2019 Agenda 2/25/2019 Documents 2/25/2019 Recording