North Asheville Park Improvements

Griffing Rose Garden Park - EW Grove Park - Sunset Park

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Happening Now

The City of Asheville and the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association are working together to make improvements at three parks located in north Asheville:

  • Griffing Rose Garden Park
  • EW Grove Park
  • Sunset Park 


Starting in 2013, the City and the neighborhood association entered into an agreement to make park improvements, including these now-completed projects:

  • New furnishings and landscape beds at Grove Park
  • Rose garden improvements at Griffing Rose Garden Park
  • Park clean up and landscape improvements at Sunset Park

In 2016, the City and the neighborhood association renewed its partnership. The work plan priorities include:

  • Restore the trolley houses and rock wall, and install irrigation in Grove Park.
  • Develop a site plan for the Griffing Rose Garden Park and complete improvements.
  • Conduct a watershed study in the Sunset Park area and control invasive plant materials in the park. Once the watershed study and improvements are complete, the City will develop a site plan for the park.


Griffing Rose Garden Park

The goal is to improve the Griffing Rose Garden Park as a landscaped garden park that runs along Griffing Boulevard. The rose garden dates back to the first half of the 1900s when it was a vista of roses. Roses are still part of the landscape, combined with a variety of trees and shrubs. 

A master site plan for the park is currently under way, led by a landscape architecture firm and a steering committee comprised of representatives of the neighborhood association and nearby park neighbors. The site plan is expected to be complete in 2018.

On December 7, 2017 the City co-hosted a community meeting with the Grove Park/Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association on preliminary plans for the improvements. Two concept renderings were presented for resident consideration and discussion followed by a 30-day online public comment period that ended January 14, 2018.. For those unable to attend that meeting, the renderings along with places to make comments about them on Open City Hall Asheville. Visit this link to look at the concept drawings and offer your input now through January 14, 2018.

EW Grove Park

The intent is to restore Grove Park as closely as possible to its original 1906 landscape design developed by Edwin Wiley Grove. In recent years, the City and the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association created landscaped plant beds, improved park lighting, maintained trees and replaced park furnishings, such as benches and trash receptacles.

Trolley Houses and Rock Wall
The priority in the work plan at Grove Park is the preservation of two historic trolley houses and a rock wall and to install irrigation in the plant beds. 

The trolley houses and rock wall are at the main entrance of the park on Charlotte Street. The structures were built at the same time the park and surrounding neighborhood were developed. A recent historic preservation assessment of the structures identified needed repairs and guidelines for completion. This project is currently in process and is expected to be complete by early 2018.

New landscaped beds were developed in the north section of the park in the first three years of the partnership. As part of the maintenance plan, irrigation was installed to ensure the best conditions for the plants to thrive. The project was completed in 2017.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is located along Sunset Parkway. It is a naturalized ravine-like park with a stream at its center. This stream is part of a stormwater improvement project within Edwin Place, Celia Place, Sunset Parkway and Canterbury Road. The City is conducting a watershed study in this area to reduce stormwater flooding. The study is expected to be complete in fall 2018  followed by construction in 2018 and 2019.

Learn more about the Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Stormwater Improvements here.

During this watershed project, the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association will continue to keep the naturalized area of the park in good order and minimize invasive plants. A goat herd will be used to eat invasive plants and help make room for desired plants to thrive.

Once the watershed project is complete, a master site plan will be developed for this park. 


City and the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association entered into a partnership agreement to:

  • Install new furnishings and landscape beds in Grove Park
  • Make improvements in Griffing Rose Garden Park
  • Make landscape improvements in Sunset Park


City and the neighborhood association renewed its partnership agreement.


Griffing Rose Garden

  • Begin development of master site plan
  • Public Meeting December 7 and online public comment

EW Grove Park

  • Install irrigation in landscape beds

Sunset Park

  • Conduct watershed study


Griffing Rose Garden

  • Complete master site plan

EW Grove Park

  • Restore trolley houses and rock wall.

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Griffing Rose Garden Park


EW Grove Park


Sunset Park

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Debbie Ivester, Project Lead