With ART, you’re just a ride away from your destination. Every day, people board City buses to get them where they need to go. Follow these easy steps to get to your destination.


1. Get Ready: Plan Your Trip

Riding ART is easy. Make your trip even easier by planning ahead. There are many trip-planning tools:

  • Transit App:  Transit App is a popular mobile app used by many riders for trip planning.   You may download Transit App from wherever you download mobile apps, Apple App Store or Google Play App store.  
  • Google Maps:  Google Maps can be used for transit trip planning.  Make sure to select the Transit (bus/train) icon.  You may download Google Maps from wherever you download mobile apps, Apple App Store or Google Play App store.  
  • Moovit App:  “Moovit” is another trip planning mobile app that is free to use (with ads). You may download Moovit from wherever you download mobile apps, Apple App store or Google Play App store.  
  • Visit our webpage to access Real-Time Bus Information, ART System Map, and Maps/Schedules for each route.
  • ART Customer Service:  Please call 828-253-5691 and press 1 to learn when the bus will arrive.
  • DART 41411 Texting Service:  Please text 41411, enter “NextART”, space, and the bus stop ID number to receive information for the next scheduled bus’s estimated time of arrival for that stop.

Service hours: 

From about 5:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday/Holidays 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., ART provides bus service throughout the City of Asheville and to the Town of Black Mountain (See individual route schedules for exact times). On holidays, the buses run on Sunday schedules, unless otherwise noted.

You can stay up to date on temporary service detours through the Transit Service Alerts page.

2. Pay Your Fare

You may pay cash in exact change on the bus; or you may pay by debit card, credit card, or cash in person at the ART Transit Station located at 49 Coxe Ave. Please note, if during your trip you must transfer to another bus to reach your destination, you must request a transfer slip from the driver when you board the first bus. Without the transfer slip you will be required to pay another fare to board the second bus.  

Ticket booklets, monthly passes, annual passes and discount passes/booklets are available for purchase at the ART Transit Station.

Standard Fares Discount Fares
 One-way Fare  $1.00  One-way Fare  $0.50
 Ticket Booklet (11 Rides)    $9.00  Ticket Booklet (11 Rides)    $4.50
 Monthly Pass  $20.00  Monthly Pass  $10.00
 Annual Pass  $220.00  Annual Pass  $110.00


Those that qualify for the Discounted Fares are: 

  • Seniors that are 65 years of age and older (photo I.D. required). Mountain Mobility offers further discounts to eligible seniors, call 828-250-6750, and select option 5.
  • Individuals with disabilities. Please See Discounted Bus Pass Guidelines. Complete Discounted Bus Pass Application to determine eligibility. Forms are also available at the ART Transit Station at 49 Coxe Ave.
  • Medicare recipients (Medicare Card required).
  • Students ages 6 through 19.
  • Children ages 5 and under ride free.

Passport Program

Some employers pay for their employees to ride ART for free through the ART Passport Program.

Participating Organizations:

  • Biltmore Company Employees – Ride free with valid employer I.D.
  • Buncombe County Employees – Ride free with valid employer I.D.
  • City of Asheville Employees – Ride free with valid employer I.D.
  • Grove Park Inn Employees – Ride free with valid employer I.D.
  • UNCA Asheville students, staff, and faculty – Ride free with valid I.D.

To receive partnership fares for your institution contact us at iRide or 828-232-4522.

Additional Organizational Discounts:

3. All Aboard

It is important to wait at the bus stop for pick up.  The bus will not stop if there are no riders visibly waiting.  

When the bus arrives, wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop and enter through the door at the front of the bus.  The door toward the rear are for riders to exit the bus only.

ART buses are ADA-accessible, and have lifts, wheelchair securement areas, and priority seating for passengers with disabilities. Bus operators are trained to assist with wheelchair seating if requested. Service animals are allowed on all vehicles. If you have a bike, you may secure it on the front of the bus while you ride.

4. You’ve Arrived

When nearing your stop, pull the cable cord or push the bar beside the window to let the operator know you want to exit at the next stop.

Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Once the bus has stopped please exit through the door toward the rear of the bus.  If ADA assistance is needed, please exit through the door at the front of the bus, the driver will deploy the lift for easy exiting. If you’re picking up your bike from the front of the bus, please remind the driver before exiting.