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The Comprehensive Facility Study is complete and provides information that will guide long range planning and investment in the City’s building infrastructure. The Study identifies the need for investment in the existing facilities to extend their useful life and to ensure occupant comfort and safety. The Study also evaluated the overall condition and usability of the City’s buildings. Based upon the findings, the Study makes recommendations for the replacement of some facilities that don’t meet the modern needs for City operations and would not provide a good return on the investment if renovated. 

It is common for cities to complete studies of this kind to ensure that they are able to evaluate the condition and functionality of their infrastructure based on current codes and standards. An example of this is the evaluation of energy investments and their returns that the City will achieve from making energy upgrades to its facilities. This evaluation created a baseline for conducting this type of analysis and leaves the City with a tool for evaluating future investments. 

The result of this study will start to be reflected in the FY25 budgets and will help provide a path for smart long-range maintenance and building investment. 




  • Why do this study? The majority of the City’s facilities inventory is past its expected useful life. Seventy percent of the inventory is from the pre-World War II era. The City has worked to extend the useful life of its facilities, but we’ve reached a point where prioritizing the mix of condition and capacity (need to accommodate growth) requires a comprehensive review of the inventory to guide future investments.
  • Staff gave a justification presentation on this topic at the March 2022 City Council retreat (Links to Video and Slides).
  • Creech & Associates was selected to provide the planning services after the required Request for Qualifications process (link). 
  • For both budgetary and operational considerations, Brightly Software was selected to perform the Facilities Condition Assessment, and Capital Predictor software implementation. Their contract was selected from a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement.




  • Request for Qualifications – January 24, 2022

  • City Council Resolution 22-122 – June 14, 2022
    • Creech & Associate Contract – June 15, 2022
    • Brightly Software Contract – June 15, 2022
  • Creech & Associates
    • Space Needs Programs Completed – February thru June 2023
    • Location Analysis Completed – July 2023
    • Sustainability Analysis Completed – November 2023
    • Completed Master Plans for Five Sites – February 2024
  • Brightly
    • Facility Condition Assessments Completed – February 2023
    • Capital Predictor Implementation Completed – July 2023
  • Presentation at City Council Work Sessions
    • Final Work Session Part 1 – October 10, 2023 Video   Slides
    • Final Work Session Part 2 – November 14, 2023 Video   Slides


Supporting Documents


  • Final Report – Comprehensive Facilities Study – February 2024 – Creech & Associates
    • Download the Main Study & All Appendices (676 pages)
    • Main study (102 pages)
    • Appendix A – City Hall Program
    • Appendix B – Municipal Building Program 
    • Appendix C – Public Works Users Program
    • Appendix D – Old Armory Program
    • Appendix E – Public Safety Logistics Facility Program
    • Appendix F – Community Response Facility Program
    • Appendix G – APD District Prototype Program
    • Appendix H – AFD Station Prototypes Program
    • Appendix I – Location Analysis
    • Appendix J – Sustainability Analysis 
    • Appendix K – Facility Master Planning Options
    • Appendix L – Estimate of Probable Costs for Initial Parkside Development Option 2
  • Facilities Condition Assessment – February 2023 – Brightly/BVNA 
    • Download the Facilities Condition Assessment and All Appendices (1,335 pages)
    • Main Study (539 pages)
    • Appendix A: Site and Floor Plans 
    • Appendix B: Pre-Survey Questionnaire 
    • Appendix C: Accessibility Review & Photos 
    • Appendix D: Component Condition Report 
    • Appendix E: Replacement Reserves 
    • Appendix F: Equipment Inventory List



Contact Information

Walter Ear, Public Facilities Division Manager
Capital Projects Department




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