Water Plan Review and Inspections

The Water Resources Department is a delegated authority, Water Line Extension Plan Approval Program (requires Adobe Reader) by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) to review and approve water system extension plans within the City of Asheville Water Resources Department’s service area. The department reviews water line plans when a development requires at least one of the following:

  • A water main extension
  • Fire protection (sprinkler system)


Preliminary Plan Review


After the Water Availability and Meter Request Application process and the Water Letter of Commitment have been issued, a professional civil engineer is required to design the water line by using the guidelines in City of Asheville Water Resources Design and Construction Manual of the City of Asheville Water Resources Standard Details manual. Once completed, the engineer will submit the following for preliminary plan review:

Once the submittal is received by the City of Asheville, staff will thoroughly review it to ensure the design meets the city’s criteria. If needed, staff will send the engineer a review comment letter listing items that need to be revised to meet the criteria. If a re-submittal is not required, the engineer will be sent an approval notification and a request to submit final plan for review.


Final Plan Review


The following is required for final plan submittal:

  • Four Sets of Final Plans (unless otherwise noted)
  • Final Application for Approval of Engineering Plans and Specifications For Water Supply Systems Form (revised if required)
  • One Final Addendum to Engineer’s Report
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Encroachment Application Package other Permits (if applicable)

Once the final plan submittal is received, reviewed, and approved, a letter will be sent notifying the engineer of the authorization to construct, along with a summary of the approved project and a copy of the approved plans and application form. The letter will also request that the engineer schedule a pre-construction meeting with city staff.


Pre-construction Meeting


The purpose of the pre-construction meeting is to discuss with engineer and contractor the scope of the project, its construction, inspection, testing and the close-out procedure. During the meeting, the engineer will be presented with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) Public Water System Authorization to Construct certificate. Please see below for information about the construction, inspection, testing and the close-out procedure.


Water Availability Applications (large projects)


One of the first steps in the city’s development process is to determine if there is enough water capacity available on the city’s water system at the location of your proposed development. To do so, developers are required to complete and submit the Water Availability Request form and sketch of proposed development with a check for the correct amount made payable to the City of Asheville. The fee is needed to perform the technical review of your request by Water Resources Department. This water availability determination does not apply to all levels of development. Complete the request form if your development requires at least one of the following:

  • Requires a water main extension.
  • Requires fire protection (sprinkler system).
  • Requires a one and one half inch (1 1/2″) or larger diameter water service meter.
  • Requires five or more individual water service taps on an existing water main.

If your proposed development does not meet these requirements, please go to Water Availability Application (small projects) of the Water Resources Department for information about obtaining water service.


Letter of Commitment for Water Availability


Once the Water Resources Department has determined that there is enough water capacity available to meet the needs of proposed development, the developer will be issued a “Letter of Commitment for Water Availability” document. The purpose of the letter is to state the conditions that the Water Resources Department has established for approval of the requested maximum gallons per minute and gallons per day, along with the date that the authorization to construct must be obtained. It also list comments about the proposed development and the technical review of the availability request.


Project Construction, Inspection and Testing


Water line construction can only be performed by a North Carolina licensed contractor. Once construction begins, construction inspectors will periodically inspect the water line to ensure that the line and its appurtenances are being constructed as designed and as to the Standard Details and Specifications. As construction nears completion, the contractor is required to perform pressure testing under the observation of the inspector. Also, the contractor is required to schedule disinfection testing with the Water Resources Department by contacting the project inspector. Upon construction completion, the developer, engineer and contractor are required to complete the project close-out procedure before a final inspection can be done.


Project Close-out Procedure


In order to obtain final approval and acceptance of a water line project and to authorize the release for domestic or fire protection service, Water Resources Department’s office needs to receive the following documents:

  1. Certificates of Completion
  2. Recorded Water Line Easement Documents (select document as applies, print on LEGAL-size paper, and submit it to the City of Asheville Development Services Center at 161 S. Charlotte St. Asheville, NC 28801, along with the appropriate Buncombe County Recording Fee made payable to Buncombe County).  If these documents are not printed on Legal-size paper, Buncombe County will charge an additional fee.
  3. Recorded Easement Plat (see plat requirement checklist)
  4. AutoCAD Record/As-built Drawing File on CD-ROM and Sealed Paper Copy (see record/as-built requirement checklist – updated September 2018)
  5. List of Subdivision Lot 911 Addresses
  6. Back Flow Device Brand and Model Number

View the Project Construction and Close-out Procedure flow chart.




Close-out Checklist for Completed Projects
Engineer’s Certificate of Completion
Contractor’s Certificate of Completion
Owner’s Certificate of Completion
Corporation Easement Document
Limited Liability Company Easement Document
Individual Easement Document
Plat requirement checklist
Record/as-built requirement checklist – updated September 2018
Construction Process and Close-out Procedure

Appendix A4
Appendix A5
Application for Approval of Engineering Plans and Specifications For Water Supply Systems Form
Addendum to Engineer’s Report
Sprinkler System Certification

Technical Specifications – (Section 02485 updated November 18,2015)


Updated 02/26/2020


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