Transit Master Plan

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What can you expect to see starting in January 2020? Check out our summary of changes here!

  • Improved transit access to those who rely on it most
  • Increased trips on our most popular routes
  • Additional service for Pisgah View, Spruce Hill and Bartlett Arms apartments
  • Improved on-time performance and two-way service on specific routes
  • Updated ART transit facilities
  • Easier route connections from UNCA to AB-Tech
  • An additional route for the convenience of our riders
  • Creation of two crosstown routes, so you can ride from east to west without ever changing buses

Transit Master Plan Implementation Timeline

Click the graphic for a .pdf version of this schedule.

Summary of Changes

Below is a summary of changes you can expect on January 5, 2020.

System Map

Rider Information on System Map

North Asheville
N1 New schedule, continues route as S4 Link to January map & schedule
N2 New schedule, continues route as S4 Link to January map & schedule
N3 New schedule, continues route as W6 Link to January map & schedule
N4 Formerly route N (towards Klondyke) with new schedule Link to January map & schedule
N5 Formerly route N (towards Grove Park Inn) with new schedule Link to January map & schedule



South Asheville
S1 New schedule Link to January map & schedule
S2 No longer serves Social Security office, continues on as W5, and have new schedule. Removed stops on outbound trip in Kenilworth. Link to January map & schedule
S3 New schedule Link to January map & schedule
S4 Improved service with 30 min frequency, serves Depot St, Bartlett Arms, and has new schedule with additional stops Link to January map & schedule
S5  Route rerouted onto River Ford Pkwy, has new schedule and one bus stop removed Link to January map & schedule
S6 New schedule with a stop added Link to January map & schedule


East/West Asheville
170 Increased daily trips, offers two-way service to Haw Creek, has new schedule, and added new stops Link to January map & schedule
WE1 Combined W4 and E1 to travel from east to west without transferring, extended service to New Leicester Hwy and Ingles, added new stops and has a new schedule Link to January map & schedule 
WE2 Combined W3 and E2 to travel from east to west without transferring, now serves Social Security office and no longer services Haw Creek. Has new schedule with added new stops. Link to January map & schedule
W1 New schedule with two-way service on N Bear Creek Rd and Johnston Blvd, with new stops and one stop to be removed. No longer serves PVA. Link to January map & schedule
W2 New schedule with additional stops on Haywood Rd, no longer serves PVA. Link to January map & schedule
W5 New schedule with serve to Westgate Shopping Center. Route continues as S2. Link to January map & schedule
W6 New route from downtown serving PVA and Ingles on Haywood Rd back to downtown. Additional stops on Haywood Rd. Link to January map & schedule



The goal of the 2018 Transit Master Plan is to establish a mobility vision and program of investments that have community consensus, support and approval for more effective and efficient ART public transportation services to meet the needs of Asheville and support our continued growth.

The original Transit Master Plan was developed in 2009 and adopted in 2010.  Since that time, Asheville has experienced significant growth which has impacted the operations of the transit system.  An update to the plan provided short term recommendations to the existing system to address issues like route timing and reliability, and also long-term recommendations for how to expand service in the future.

The project team, led by Tindale-Oliver & Associates, worked with the City’s Transit Planning Division to collect data and public input to help determine what enhancements may be recommended. Information was collected through an on-board survey of riders, an online survey of the general public, stakeholder interviews and public workshops that focused on the public’s opinion about Asheville’s future transit growth.

Final Plan Adopted on July 24, 2018

The Final Transit Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Asheville City Council on July 24, 2018.  The full plan is available at the link below. The Staff Report listed below provides a good summary of the key points of the plan.

You may send questions or comments to staff via email or phone.  If you cannot access the documents or need help interpreting them, staff are happy to provide additional assistance and reasonable accommodations.

Supporting Documents

2018 Transit Master Plan Final

Appendix A: Schedules

Appendix B: Ridership Maps

Staff Report

City Council Resolution

Final Public Meeting Presentation

2009 Transit Master Plan


Eunice Lovi
Transit Planning Manager
City of Asheville

Marcela Moreno
Transit Projects Coordinator
City of Asheville

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