Training 3

Following months of internal staff work and a series of budget work sessions, the City of Asheville will present the Manager’s proposed budget to City Council at its regularly scheduled  May 24 meeting. 


Throughout the development process, which included discussions of available resources, council priorities and departmental information, staff kept these guiding principles in mind:

Delivery of Essential Services

  • Ensuring departments have the resources required to meet City and community expectations.
  • Enhancing customer value
  • Delivering efficient service that improves the customer experience.
  • Strategic alignment
  • Aligning resources (new and existing) to achieve community, Council and staff goals.


The proposed recommendations are based on prior budget processes, internal staff work, available resources, and Council priorities established at the annual City Council retreat: 

Sam Parada






Agendas and Documents



May 25, 2022 Agenda May 25, 2022 Document
August 10, 2020 Agenda August 10, 2020 Documents
July 10, 2020 Agenda July 10, 2020 Documents