Local Resources


Reduce Energy Bills

The City supports the Blue Horizons Project (BHP) which assists residents in reducing their energy costs by offering free Energy Chats to homes, businesses, or non-profits. Energy Savers Network is a partner program of BHP that provides free energy-efficiency upgrades for qualified low-income households with the help of trained volunteers. And if you want some basic tips on how to reduce your energy consumption at home, please read these Simple Home Energy Saving Tips.





The City offers residential fee rebates for permits through the Department of Development Services pertaining to:

  • Solar Energy Installations
  • Energy Efficient Homes
  • Shade Trees


Eat Local


The City has adopted a food policy action plan to increase access to locally grown, healthy foods for the city’s community members.



Local Gardening

Interested in gardening but do not have access where you live? The City works with community partners to provide:


Support Pollinators and Ediblesbumble bee on flower


Did you know that in 2012 the City of Asheville earned its Bee City, USA designation? Learn more and prepare your pollinator habitat at home or on City-owned property!

Promote locally grown food, farmers and fishers, businesses and people who prepare, distribute and sell food grown in North Carolina through the NC 10% Campaign.


Reduce Waste

vector graphic of recycling icons

  • Did you know the City has a goal to reduce waste by 50% by 2050?


  • For more information on how you can participate in composting initiatives and recycling visit:


Click Here to visit the Sanitation Division.



Improve Resilience


The City recently created the Climate Resilience Resource Guide for property owners to identify best management strategies from threats identified through the climate resilience assessment.