Real-time Renewables – Monitoring Solar Energy Generation


In 2018, the City adopted a goal to power municipal operations with renewable energy by 2030. To achieve this goal, the City will need to invest in renewable energy in a number of ways including both on-site and off-site generation. Solar energy and battery storage on city property were identified as a top priority by the community through engagement in the development of the “Moving to 100%” roadmap.

Below are links to the real-time production from the City’s solar installations. 

Click the buttons below to see:

  • How much electricity each solar system is generating in real time as well as the amount of electricity the system has generated to date.
  • The environmental benefit from distributing this clean energy to the grid including the amount of carbon emissions avoided.
  • For terminology explanation, see this page.

Transit Center Real Time Solar Data  Fire Station 10 Real Time Solar Data  Burton Street Community Center Real Time Solar Data  Fire Station 11 Real Time Solar Data  Shiloh Community Center Real Time Solar Data  Grant Community Center Real Time Solar Data  Broadway Public Safety Station Real Time Solar Data


All of the solar systems are providing clean renewable energy to our electricity grid. This means that the type of emissions from fossil fuel generated electricity such as carbon dioxide or methane is not polluting our air. The link shows how many carbon emissions are saved which also supports the City’s 80% carbon reduction goal as well as the equivalent number of trees that would need to be planted to offset the same amount of carbon emissions avoided.

A point-in-time spreadsheet of data from any of the City’s solar installations are available by contacting Bridget Herring, Sustainability Director.


Contact Information

Bridget Herring, Sustainability Director