Blue Horizons Project

The Energy Innovation Task Force (EITF) was a joint initiative between the City of Asheville, Buncombe County and Duke Energy Progress to research and recommend energy efficiency and demand-side management programs in Buncombe County.

The EITF had two goals:

  1. Avoid or delay the construction of an additional natural gas powered combustion turbine power plant at the Asheville site in the year 2023
  2. Transition Western North Carolina to a cleaner, affordable, and smarter energy future through community engagement and collaboration that is mutually beneficial to the community, customers, and Duke Energy Progress

On January 28, 2020, following the delay of construction of an additional natural gas plant in Asheville,  City Council voted to dissolve the EITF to be replaced by the Blue Horizons Project Community Council. The final meeting of the EITF took place March 11, 2020. The City and County issued a joint request for proposal (RFP) to contract with a nonprofit to implement the Blue Horizons Project and manage the Blue Horizons Project Community Council. The Green Built Alliance was selected to implement the Blue Horizons Project and support the Blue Horizons Project Community Council.


Regular Meeting Schedule

Notice: The Blue Horizons Project Community Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 3 p.m. The traditional meeting length is two hours. Due to COVID-19 the meetings are all conducted virtually.

For more information including meeting schedule, agendas and virtual meeting information please visit the Blue Horizons Project Community Council website.

Get Involved

Through the research of the Energy Innovation Task Force the Blue Horizons Project was launched to assist residents and business owners reduce their energy consumption and invest in renewable energy.

Check out how you can get involved with the Blue Horizons Project.



Contact Information

For archived materials please contact

Bridget Herring



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