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Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Stormwater Improvements

Morris Street

Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Stormwater Improvements Happening Now


The project team continues to work with the property owners who are directly impacted by the project regarding easement acquisitions. In addition to community support, state and local regulators must review and approve the project. The project team is preparing documentation needed to gain approval and/or permits from regulatory agencies/boards. The following is our expected submittal timeline for regulatory approval.

Discussions with each of these agencies/boards have or will be held to understand potential comments, requirements, and design changes needed to gain agency/board approval or support. This process may require more time than we anticipate. All improvements are subject to modification until approval of all agencies has been obtained.

Environmental/SHPO and HRC submittals are expected to be completed as presented above. Because the revised solutions now have smaller footprints, fewer trees are proposed to be removed. The project design team continues to strive to balance historical context and community input with the project functional goals.

Plans and illustrative renderings depicting the updated solutions for Canterbury Road, Sunset Parkway, E.W. Grove Park Lower Section, Edwin Place, and Celia Place will be presented during a future community meeting. This meeting will give community members an opportunity to provide observations before we finalize designs.


Submittal Timeline

Edwin / Celia / Sunset / Canterbury Stormwater Improvements


Area of Responsibility / Permits

Submittal Estimate

United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) / NC Division of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) Environmental permits (for stream impacts) and State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO) review Summer 2019
NC Division of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) Erosion and Sediment Control Permit Fall 2019
NC Floodplain Mapping Program Modification of FEMA floodplain  Fall 2019
Local Permitting Stormwater and Site Plan Compliance Fall 2019
City of Asheville Historic Resources Commission (HRC) Ensures that improvements follow the guidelines of the historic district Summer 2019
City of Asheville Urban Forestry Commission Ensures that impacts to Asheville tree canopy are minimized Fall 2019


Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Stormwater Improvements Background


The Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Project was identified as a high-priority Stormwater Capital Improvement Project to begin design in fiscal year 2017. Due to outdated and undersized stormwater infrastructure, significant roadway flooding has resulted in frequent road closures and flooding in privately-owned buildings in the Edwin Place, Celia Place, Sunset Parkway, and Canterbury Road area. The City of Asheville retained the services of Hazen & Sawyer (Hazen) to model the watershed, develop solutions, work with the community, and produce construction plans to accomplish the project goals, which include:

  • Reduce roadway flooding and related impacts
  • Protect downstream stormwater drainage systems from increased flooding and erosion
  • Target design standards
  • Improve water quality
  • Integrate solutions to maintain the character of the neighborhood

As of the August 24, 2017, meeting, the following steps have been completed:

  • Field survey to determine stormwater system size and location.
  • Watershed model to determine runoff due to rainfall, runoff that is stored throughout the watershed, and runoff that is released if pipes are up-sized.
  • Preliminary solutions to relieve flooding while ensuring that no additional runoff is released to impact downstream systems. Expansion of the preliminary solutions to help reduce downstream system flooding.

The City of Asheville worked with the community to receive feedback on the proposed solutions to reduce flooding in the Edwin Place, Celia Place, Sunset Parkway, and Canterbury Road areas. The design team presented these proposed solutions at a series of community meetings which culminated in the August 24, 2017, Community Workshop. The solutions presented included both gray and green infrastructure with options and features that were integrated into the character of the neighborhood. During the workshop, the community was able to ask questions, provide feedback, and select the options they preferred.

Community feedback and support for this project are important to the City. Therefore, we provided an Internet Form to allow those community members who may have missed the August 24th meeting to review the information below and contribute their feedback, preferences and concerns. The deadline to submit feedback to be included in consideration for the final designs was October 20, 2017.

To summarize the August 24, 2017, workshop for the benefit of community members who were not able to attend, four alternatives were presented as solutions to store stormwater runoff at the lower section of E.W. Grove Park, along with three other areas for proposed improvements. All of these areas will work together to provide storage capacity and improved conveyance. The community in attendance selected one solution for the lower section of E.W. Grove Park, the Large Footprint Stream Restoration.

Community feedback on proposed solutions was received and reviewed. We also added an Asheville landscape architecture company to our project team to provide additional insight and design input with regard to the historical context of the aesthetics, hardscapes, and plant material.

Community members also provided detailed observations of the drainage patterns along Charlotte Street. Our field surveyor collected data on the Charlotte Street drainage system from Chestnut Street to Sunset Parkway. The computer model for the watershed was updated to reflect the information gathered from our Charlotte Street field survey. The original solutions previously presented on August 24 were reevaluated based on the results of this modeling.
In early 2018, the project team met with the Grove Park Sunset Mountain Neighborhood Association (GPSMNA) to respond to their feedback. Specifically, the project team responded to the GPSMNA’s requests for less disruptive solutions within the lower section of E.W. Grove Park and Sunset Parkway areas as well as the desire to improve the Charlotte Street drainage system as soon as possible. Other work items performed throughout 2018:

  • Met with groups of directly impacted property owners regarding easements.
  • Made progress on designs and plans for all project phases.
  • Refined illustrative landscape architect renderings of EW Grove Park Lower Section stormwater amenity.
  • Held preliminary meeting with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to review pertinent aspects of the project and prepare for formal submittal.
  • Met and coordinated with utility agencies including MSD, Asheville Water Resources Dept., AT&T, Charter, and Duke.


Edwin/Celia/Sunset/Canterbury Stormwater Improvements Timeline


Fiscal Year 2022 – Target date for start of Phase III construction

 Fiscal Year 2021 – Target date for start of Phase II construction

Winter 2020 – Target date for start of Phase I construction

October 20, 2017 – Completion of community feedback phase

 August 24, 2017 – Community area workshop to receive feedback

August 2017 – Watershed model and preliminary solutions

August 2017 – Geotechnical Sampling

April 4, 2017 – Community area meeting

February 25, 2017 – Project area meeting

 January 2017 – Project Start


Morris Street Happening Now


Morris street green street sign at intersection
Morris Street Sign

The City of Asheville announces the
Morris Street Stormwater Improvements Project is complete!


Morris Street Background


The lack of adequate stormwater infrastructure on Morris Street has resulted in flooding in the roadway and onto private properties.  The City of Asheville partnered with McGill Associates to evaluate the stormwater infrastructure needs and design a solution taking into consideration the existing street features, road profile and on-street parking.

As a result, the proposed improvements include mountable valley gutter to collect runoff from the street and allow residents to continue to park their cars on-street. The improvements also include approximately 2,330 feet of new pipe, new inlets and junction boxes to catch and convey the existing runoff.  The runoff is then released by the system into the West Asheville Park, just below Talmadge Street, where the existing bio-retention cell will be expanded to accommodate additional flow for small storm events and provide water quality improvements.

The City of Asheville is preparing to start the Morris Street Stormwater Improvements Project.  Over the past year the Stormwater Division has worked closely with individual property owners and other City agencies to procure the easements and permitting required for the Project.  Also, in response to feedback from the community, the consultants at McGill Associates were able to adjust some aspects of the design to ensure the best results for the Project while mitigating the impact to property owners and their community.

A copy of the latest plan, the  Morris Street Final Plan is located in the Supporting Documents section of this web page.

Several trees on private properties and one within the City right-of-way were also identified by the City Arborist as to likely be impacted by the Project and arrangements have been made to replace these at the individual property owners’ request.  In addition, we have coordinated with the City Parks and Recreation Department to have a White Oak installed in the nearby West Asheville Park.

During construction hours, 7 a.m-7 p.m., Monday-Friday, vehicles may need to be off the street. The Contractor and the City Inspector will coordinate with residents, when cars need to be moved. If the Contractor is approved to work any Saturdays, there will be flyers and an announcement posted. Any cars that are not operable need to be removed.  Items in the Right of Way and the Temporary Construction Easement that are not to be permanently removed should be moved by property owners before construction begins. During construction, the Contractor is to maintain access for homeowners, deliveries, and emergency vehicles.


Morris Street Timeline


July 03, 2019 – The Morris Street stormwater construction project is complete.

February 15, 2019 – The contractor will be doing the final paving of the Morris Street and Brevard Road intersection this Thursday and Friday, May 16-17.

February 06, 2019 – The contractor will be milling Morris Street May 9-10. Homeowners will have limited access to the street on these days and will be asked not to park on the street during this time. Paving dates for Morris Street will be shared as soon as they are available.

February 18, 2019 – Because this project extended beyond its original completion date, the City of Asheville has asked the contractor (Patton Construction Group) to provide an updated completion schedule. Patton Construction Group set May 15 as the new completion date. However, the project may be completed before then, depending on weather.

Patton Construction Group is aware that the project has extended past the deadline and they are continuing to work to complete the project as soon as possible. The contractor is working to have most of the pipe and drainage structures installed by the end of February into March. During that time, concrete work, yard restoration, and driveway restoration will still continue. Milling and paving should start by the end of March into April.

The City is working with Patton Construction Group to complete this project as quickly as possible while still providing a high quality product.  This may require work to be performed outside normal working hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday).

As usual, the onside City Inspector will notify and update residents who are directly affected by this work.

February 16, 2018 – Although the pace of the work has picked up some on the Morris Street Project, the project is still behind schedule. The contractor is aware of the work that still needs to be completed and has been asked to provide an updated schedule for the remainder of the work. The City of Asheville is dedicated to the successful completion of this project and the overall goals of reducing erosion and improving the stormwater infrastructure on Morris Street. The City of Asheville appreciates the patience of the property owners now and as we continue towards the completion of this project. The onsite City of Asheville Inspector has been continuing to notify and update property owners that will be directly affected by the daily activities of the Contractor. If you have any question please see the contact information below for the Construction Inspector. When an updated schedule is obtained, the City of Asheville will provide an additional update.

June 18, 2018 – Target date for start of construction

May through August 2017 – Right-Of-Entries

October 2016 through August 2017 – Easement Acquisition

January 21, 2017 – Project area meeting

February 26, 2016 – Project area meeting


Contact Information


Amy Deyton, Public Works Assistant Director


Lee Morrison, Projects Manager


Updated 03/09/2020


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