Facility Management Division

City Hall Operations Division


The City Hall Operations Division manages an array of staff and contracted services designed to support operations in City Hall and beyond. Direct services include custodial work, elevator operation, and related activities. Also, this division provides specialty services that support all departments such as mail management and delivery services.

  • Amanda van Roekel, City Hall Operations Manager
  • James Kelly, Labor Crew Supervisor


Facility Maintenance Division


The Facility Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of 60+ buildings throughout the City of Asheville. From building envelopes to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, Facility Maintenance staff work on buildings old and new. The maintenance team includes members who have earned licenses from the State of North Carolina in areas including plumbing, electrical, and other trades. In addition, Facility Maintenance employees provide support for key sustainability initiatives ranging from the installation of solar hot water heaters to building controls and automation.

  • Tony Rathbone, Facility Maintenance Division Manager
  • Paul Murfin, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor


Updated 02/24/2020