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The design firm has produced 90% design plans and the project is currently in the property acquisition phase. The acquisition phase is anticipated to be completed by April 15, 2023 and plans suitable for bidding will be provided by the designer shortly after.



Computer generated view of Vance Gap Road after repair of slide area.

Heavy rains that occurred in April of 2021 caused a landslide on the east side of Vance Gap Road near the Trailridge Road intersection. City of Asheville Streets Division operations crews conducted repairs to stabilize the slide and the City issued a Request for Qualifications for a design firm to design permanent repairs for the slide and to also perform a general stability analysis for the rest of the road. The City received two responses to the Request and selected
Vaughn and Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc. as the design firm. This contract was awarded by the City Council in July of 2021. Vaughn and Melton evaluated several options, but selected a soil nail wall retaining wall as the most appropriate design for repair and for maintaining traffic flow during construction.



Mid April 2023 – Property acquisition phase will be completed.
Late Spring 2023 – Contract to be advertised.
Summer/Fall 2023 – Construction to start.


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