Potholes – We’re Working on It!

Maintaining the over 400 miles of road within the City of Asheville is a top priority.

Currently, there are a number of pending requests for street maintenance, and the City wants to share the process for fulfilling these requests.

Prioritizing Safety First

When it comes to paving requests, safety is our utmost concern. As soon as a request comes in, our expert teams swing into action. Each request is carefully evaluated and prioritized based on several factors, including:

  • Severity: The extent of the damage to determine how urgently a repair is needed. Safety hazards are prioritized.
  • Budget: Resources are allocated judiciously, considering the available budget for road maintenance and repairs.
  • Staffing: We take into account our workforce capacity to ensure that we can efficiently address the requests without compromising quality.

Additionally, each year streets are identified for resurfacing, find out if your street is planned to be resurfaced. Please note we do not accept individual requests for paving.

We have one dedicated crew for pothole maintenance who address 5-10 requests each working day. These skilled professionals understand the importance of smooth, hazard-free roads and work diligently to meet the demands of our community.

Diverse Paving Needs

Roads suffer from various issues over time, and our teams are equipped to tackle them all. Some common paving needs include:

  • Potholes: Those frustrating, tire-damaging holes in the road that we all love to hate.
  • Delamination: When layers of the road surface separate, creating hazards and rough driving conditions.
  • Sink Holes: A term we use to describe particularly troublesome and deep road damage, which can cause serious safety concerns.


Is my street maintained by the City or NCDOT?

City residents can search their streets in SimpliCity to find out if their street is maintained by the City of NCDOT.

If your street is maintained by NCDOT, you can report a pothole here.


Use the Asheville App to report a pothole in a city-maintained street

To report a pothole use the Asheville App below, choose “Report a Street or Sidewalk concern” and then select “Report a Pothole”.