Find financial support for your Asheville business

Funding is available in the form of loans, grants, investment shares and development incentives. Working with one of the above business development resource providers can help you understand which options may work best for your business or development project.


Mountain Community Capital Loan Program

a City-backed funding program that was launched in 2018. This development fund is part of the City’s strategic plan to provide greater access to capital to business owners who may not otherwise be eligible for bank loans


Strategic Partnership Funds

City grants awarded annually to non-profit organizations that create opportunities for economic mobility, address disparities in low-wealth neighborhoods, such as health, housing, and educational inequities. Additionally, the City partners with organizations that provide support for small, local, homegrown and minority-owned businesses and that provide services which directly support affordable housing and increased employment opportunities, such as child care, transportation and job training


Community Event Partnership Funds

City-funded strategic partnerships for organizations that produce events which meet key economic development indicators


Carolina Small Business Development Fund

 provides small business loans and financial training to start-ups and existing businesses along with lending services to community-based organizations


Development programs administered by the City

(but with federal or outside funding)

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) are federal funds which support affordable housing development. Land Use Incentive Grants (LUIG) provide incentives to encourage development projects.


Read more on the Mountain Community Capital Fund and the other funding resources.