Wellness Wednesday – Creative fitness ideas for the office

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Many of us and our coworkers have been working remotely for at least part of the workweek for the past two years. As we return to offices on a regular basis, it may be hard for some to find time for a short walk or a few minutes of activity away from the desk. Easy, creative office fitness activities can help break up the workday and provide a mental and physical boost to help you work smarter.

While technology provides plenty of efficiencies and benefits, it also means most of us sit at a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week. Check with your medical professional before starting a new exercise plan.


Start early

woman doing plank in front of red couchFor many office workers, the easiest way to stick to a wellness routine is to start first thing in the morning. This might mean an early gym class (City of Asheville employees can use community center fitness rooms for free) or workout at home. It can also be a two-minute plank or wall sit while reading the news, a 10-minute stretch session, a 20-minute jog around the neighborhood, walking or biking to the office, or other low impact activities that wake up the body and brain.


Take the long way

If the desk is strictly for work in your office, fit in some physical activity while heading to the water fountain, restroom, or meeting. Ditch the elevator for the stairs. Take a longer way to the break room. It may take a few extra minutes, but you’ll return to your desk feeling refreshed. You might even suggest an occasional walking meeting. Parks and greenways are great locations because they’re usually quiet and free of obstacles and distractions.



Whether or not an early start works for you, make a point to move at least a few minutes each hour of the workday. Deskercise to help fill the gaps while you’re completing tasks. Tricep dips, arm pulses, desk or wall push ups, leg raises, lunges, pretend jump rope, and chair squats are great ways to get your heart rate up while reading a report, typing, or attending a virtual meeting.

If core control and flexibility are personal goals, seated bicycle crunches, oblique twists, neck and shoulder rolls, tricep stretches, torso twists, and hamstring stretches can all be performed while seated in a chair.


For more ideas, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Physical Activity Breaks for the Workplace resource guide. For current fitness, wellness, and cultural activities and programming, visit AVLrec.com.