Latest water testing results now available for City of Asheville water

water testing

Water sample tests indicate municipal water remains safe for customer use and consumption. Testing was completed on samples throughout the entire system. Results are available on the City of Asheville website.

While not considered harmful to human health by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  the samples did show heightened levels of manganese. Manganese, is a naturally occurring element found in many daily items such as nuts and leafy green vegetables.  It usually settles out of the water supply as water travels through the system but was recently pushed through the system when water velocity increased due to repair work.

Heightened levels of manganese:

  • May cause undesirable taste or odor in  tap water.
  • May cause damage to water equipment
  • May make chlorine less effective in suppressing bacteria in municipal water
  • Will cause water to be discolored

Tests indicate the absence of bacteria. Chlorine residual results were in the normal range. Testing is an ongoing process and is  done daily as part of our standard operating procedures. Each month we analyze more than 100 samples to report to the state. This round of testing is in addition to our normal testing schedule.

The City of Asheville takes water quality and the safety of our community seriously. For information about Asheville’s Water Resources Department, including a copy of our 2018 Water Quality Report, please visit the Water Resources webpage on the City of Asheville website.

Look for another update on the status of discolored water Friday, Apr 5.