Help avoid accidents: How to properly dispose of combustible/flammable materials

trash truck with flames

On June 18, Sanitation staff encountered a fire in one of our trash trucks due to improper disposal of combustible/flammable materials such as car parts, linseed oil, and possibly fuel filters. 

garbage truck dumping garbage on ground to eqtinguish fireThankfully, the truck was close to a local fire department. Sanitation staff and firefighters quickly responded, dumped the load, and extinguished the fire. No injuries occurred, but this incident could have been much worse and was entirely avoidable.

Did you know that combustible/flammable materials account for 25% of waste vehicle fires? Often, there’s no sign of a problem until the truck is moving and air fans a smoldering fire into a full blaze. The only safe way to handle these fires is to dump the load and let the local Fire Department handle it.


Prevention is key! To avoid such dangerous situations: