What can I recycle?


Guidelines below explain what items may be placed in your blue recycling carts. For information about bulky items, hazardous household waste, or other hard to recycle items, see how to dispose of large, seasonal, or unusual items.


Don’t tangle or contaminate. Recycle more for our state.


What is Not Recyclable


Know your No’s


  • no styrofoam or peanuts
  • no plastic wrap, pillows, or bags
  • no tanglers like cords, hoses, wires
  • no scrap metal
  • no clothing or textiles
  • no food waste
  • no hazardous or medical waste
  • no receipts, shredded paper, paper towels, or napkins


Keep these items out


  • all batteries
  • aluminum foil
  • ceramic items
  • diapers
  • disposable cups or lids (plastic and coffee)
  • electronics
  • household glass or mirrors
  • scrap metal and wood
  • straws
  • tires
  • toys



Please don’t bag your recyclables.


What is Recyclable


Yes! Recycle right

  • plastic including bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars (please empty)
  • metal cans (please empty)
  • glass bottles and jars (please empty)
  • paper including all paper, cartons, and cardboard (please flatten boxes)


For more curbside recycling information visit curbie.com

To find where t recycle items not on this list visit ashevillegreenworks.org

The City of Asheville Sanitation Division Public Works can be reached at 828-258-5857