Final Asheville water transmission line tie-in to affect one neighborhood, Laurel Ridge 

water transmission installation



With the final tie-in transmission waterline installation on the North Fork Waterline Bypass Project set for Friday, Nov. 22, into Saturday, Nov. 23, we want to clearly communicate to our customers about the expected timeline and impacts.

This transmission line tie-in is expected to affect customers in the Laurel Ridge neighborhood near the North Fork Dam in Buncombe County. It is not expected to affect the entire system, although there is a slight chance that it could.



Nov. 22: Work will begin Nov. 22. It could result in a lower-than-normal water pressure overnight into the following morning.  Residents in the Laurel Ridge area will be directly affected, and slightly lower pressure may be observed throughout the entire Asheville Water System.

Nov. 23: Installation is expected to wrap up by or before  noon, though the exact timeframe could vary. The City will issue a boil water advisory for residents in the Laurel Ridge area once the work is complete, on Nov. 23.

Nov. 24: Customers affected will remain under the boil water advisory until it is lifted, after a series of test results received in the laboratory confirm there is no bacteria in the water. While this is usually within a 24-hour window, the time can vary a bit. If you are not notified by an Avl Alert, you are not affected.


FAQ with other important information


How will customers be notified and where can they find information?

Customers be notified two ways:

  •         Through the AVL Alert system, which sends a text message, phone message and/or email to customers who have signed up for the alerts.
  •         Water quality advisories are posted on the front of the City of Asheville website at this link. If you don’t have the link handy, just Google City of Asheville and you will find “water qualities and advisories” posted on the top landing page.


Why does the City need to issue a boil water advisory?

A boil water advisory is issued as a standard precautionary measure when water pressure is reduced to a certain level. During a roughly 24-hour period a series of laboratory tests are conducted to check the water for bacteria. Once results confirm there is no bacteria in the water; the advisory is lifted.


What should you do during a boil water advisory?

Water customers are encouraged to vigorously boil tap water for 1 minute before consuming it. During this time, City staff will be performing laboratory testing. The advisory will be lifted when tests confirm the possibility of risk is not present. This does not mean that the water is contaminated, but that the possibility exists.

 For an FAQ regarding boil water advisories, click here.


What should you do to prepare?

Whether you are a residential, commercial/industrial or restaurant-related business, it’s a good idea to stock up on as much bottled water in advance as you estimate you will need during this time period.

Or, customers can simply boil water vigorously, for 1 minute before consuming it.


What are the potential impacts following transmission waterline tie-in?

Once normal pressure returns on Nov. 23, there is the possibility that some discolored water or air could be present in the waterlines. If discoloration or air is noticed, customers are advised to run cold water for 5-10 minutes or until the water is clear.

If your water does not clear within 30 minutes, please let us know by calling Customer Service at 828-251-1122. Once we are notified, Water Maintenance workers can be dispatched to the area experiencing discolored water to flush lines, usually at nearby fire hydrants.


Why is the City doing this project?

The North Fork Waterline Bypass Project has been identified as a critical addition to the water delivery system, designed to protect our community from a system-wide water loss during a major flood, as what happened during the Flood of 2004. Begun earlier this year, the project involves the installation of a third water transmission line near the North Fork Dam. This installation will make our community more resilient to the effects of climate change, which tends to result in more and stronger weather events, such as flooding. 


Please sign up for AVL Alert!

We encourage all residents to sign up for AVL Alert, whether you own or rent your residence. Signing up is quick and easy. AVL Alert allows the City of Asheville to provide our community with the information that they want to receive via the communication methods that they choose. By enrolling in the system you are automatically subscribed to emergency alerts.