East Asheville water repair may result in some discoloration

photo of fire hydrant open
Water Maintenance staff will be flushing water lines at hydrants to clear lines of any sediment that may be stirred up as part of this repair.


Beginning on Friday, some East Asheville water customers may experience discolored water, due to an unexpected and necessary repair. No water outages are expected, though water pressure may vary from May 15-22, while this repair is being completed.


Asheville Water Resources is working to mitigate any impacts through flushing water lines in conjunction with this repair. Approximately 1,200 customers could be affected. Customers in these areas could experience water discoloration:

  • New Haw Creek Road from Beverly Road to Old Haw Creek Road. 
  • Tunnel Road from Riceville Road to Kenilworth Road.


City staff will be flushing hydrant(s) in these areas to clear any water lines of discoloration.   

Customers are being notified through the AVL Alert system.


If you experience discolored water:

  • Do not drink or wash clothes at that time. 
  • You can wash your hands. 
  • Wait for the discolored water lift notification. Then run the cold water for 10 minutes or until it clears at bathroom and kitchen faucets. 
  • Once the water runs clear, you can return to using water as normal.  


Because of topography, the Asheville Water System is under higher-than-normal water pressure. Once repairs are completed, sediment can be stirred up in water lines as the water is slowly turned back on.


If discoloration persists or for more information, please call 828-251-1122.