City of Asheville launches Boil Water Advisory Program

On Jan. 9, a new City of Asheville program to further ensure safe drinking water began. The City’s new Boil Water Advisory Program launched.

Water is tested at all three of Asheville water treatment plants multiple times daily. This new BWA Program adds an additional measure to the City’s portfolio of safety measures. Please note:


A Boil Water Advisory does not mean that the water is contaminated, but that the possibility exists. 


In November, the City announced implementation of a new Boil Water Advisory program to begin in 2017. Read that announcement here.


“The Boil Water Advisory program is being launched as a proactive way of ensuring that Asheville customers have safe drinking water if an issue arises with a waterline break,” said Water Resources Director Jade Dundas. “Our program is based upon other programs within the state. A lot of research has gone into making our program consistent and comprehensive.”

The City is adding an additional level of water safety procedures for customers to use in the event of pressure going below a certain level (20 psi) during a water pipe replacement or emergency repair.



How it works

During a Boil Water Advisory, the City of Asheville encourages customers to vigorously boil tap water for 1 minute before consuming it. Water Resources staff is performing laboratory testing and the advisory will be lifted when tests confirm the possibility of risk is not present. Notification that the advisory has been lifted will be posted on the City’s Water Outage Notifications webpage.


Properties in the affected areas are receiving BWA notification via the COA automated system or door hangers.  Citizens may register for automated alerts by clicking on the AVL Alert citizens notification system on the City’s website.


For more information, please call 828-251-1122, or visit