Transit Master Plan

Final Plan Adopted on July 24, 2018


2018 Transit Master Plan Final

Appendix A: Schedules

Appendix B: Ridership Maps

Staff Report

City Council Resolution

Final Public Meeting Presentation


The Final Transit Master Plan was unanimously adopted by the Asheville City Council on July 24, 2018.  The full plan is available at the link above. The Staff Report listed above provides a good summary of the key points of the plan.

You may send questions or comments to staff via email or phone.  If you cannot access the documents or need help interpreting them, staff are happy to provide additional assistance and reasonable accommodations.


Marcela Moreno
Transit Projects Coordinator
City of Asheville


Happening Now


City of Asheville Staff are developing an implementation plan and timeline for the changes outlined in the Final TMP.  In early spring 2019, additional details will be provided on specific changes to routes and schedules.




The goal of the Transit Master Plan is to establish a mobility vision and program of investments that have community consensus, support and approval for more effective and efficient ART public transportation services to meet the needs of Asheville and support our continued growth.

The original Transit Master Plan was developed in 2009 and adopted in 2010.  Since that time, Asheville has experienced significant growth which has impacted the operations of the transit system.  An update to the plan will provide short term corrections to the existing system which will address issues like route timing and reliability, and it will provide long-term recommendations for how to expand service in the future.

The project team, led by Tindale-Oliver & Associates, will work with the City’s Transit Planning Division to collect data and public input to help determine what enhancements may be recommended. Information will be collected through an on-board survey of riders, an online survey of the general public, stakeholder interviews and public workshops that will focus on the public’s opinion about Asheville’s future transit growth.


Supporting Documents


2009 Transit Master Plan


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