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City of Asheville Staff is working with Buncombe County Staff to engage a consultant to develop a road map to implement City Council’s 100% Renewable Energy goal referenced in Resolution 18-279 and Buncombe County Resolution 17-12-06.

The draft report is now available. Please follow the link to view the draft report.



Based on a recommendation from the Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment, Asheville City Council unanimously passed Resolution 18-279 on October 23, 2018, which established a goal to transition municipal operations from fossil-fueled energy to 100% renewable energy by December 31, 2030. The resolution also stated that the Office of Sustainability shall develop a renewable energy plan by Dec. 31, 2019.

The project team, led by The Cadmus Group, will work with City and County staff to collect data and public input to determine the most fiscally responsible path to achieve this goal based on the values of our community.




                                                    Goals of the road map are to:


light bulb with solar panel reflection

      • Prioritize the selection and implementation of projects that reduce the City’s municipal
        energy consumption and are economically responsible, socially just and technologically feasible


      • Support Buncombe County’s community-wide 100% renewable energy goal by 2042


      • Ensure that the concerns of historically marginalized communities are incorporated and the benefits
        of this transition are shared by all communities throughout Asheville


      • Identify staffing and annual funding appropriations needed to achieve the City’s renewable energy goals


      • Prioritize hiring and utilizing local businesses and members of marginalized communities to the extent permitted by law


      • Incorporate the renewable energy strategies into the City’s Climate Action Plan.




    Expected Outcome


    At the end of the project, a report detailing the road map that shows next steps Asheville should take to achieve the 100% renewable energy goal will be presented to City Council.




    July 24, 2018: City Council approves the City to enter into an interlocal agreement with Buncombe County to co-fund a renewable energy planning services Request For Proposal.

    October 23, 2018:  City Council approves 100% renewable energy goal.

    November 2018:  The Cadmus Group kicks-off renewable energy road map planning.

    January – March 2019: Data Collect, Community visioning workshop.

    March – May 2019:  Energy and regulatory analysis.

    June 2019:  Present draft plan to the community.

    October 2019:  Finalize renewable energy road map.


    Supporting Documents


    Recording from Community Information Session on June 19, 2019

    Resolution 18-279 City of Asheville 100% Renewable Energy Goal

    Resolution 17-12-06 Buncombe County 100% Renewable Energy Goal

    Buncombe County 100% Renewable Energy Plan Project Page

    Blue Horizons Project

    EPA Local Government Solar Project Portal


    Contact Information


    Bridget Herring, Energy Program Coordinator


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