Housing & Community Development Committee

The Housing and Community Development Committee will enhance the quality of life in Asheville and the livability of neighborhoods by providing policy recommendations to Council on all matters relating to the creation and maintenance of housing within the city, including public housing and affordable private housing; all matters relating to the alleviation of homelessness and services provided to homeless individuals within the city.

Chair: Councilwoman Julie Mayfield

Members:  Councilwoman Sheneika Smith; Councilman Keith Young

Staff Liaison:  Jeff Staudinger, Contract Interim Community Development Director

Meeting Schedule:  Third Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m., City Hall - sixth  floor training room  (Room 623)

If you have a need for archived files of the Housing & Community Development Committee, please contact Megan Gaskell at 232-4599 or email  mgaskell@ashevillenc.gov