Wellness Wednesday – Check out local adult athletic leagues

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Kids and teens are often encouraged to join sports teams to learn how to work with others, make friends, and stay active outside of school. However, athletic leagues also offer the advantage to foster cooperation and friendly competition for adults, too.

Registrations for adult softball leagues are open through February 28. So, what are some of the benefits of joining an adult sports team?


softball team in orange shirtsForm Connections

Even if you’re an extrovert, career changes and overstuffed schedules can make it harder to meet people and bond in the same way as it may have been in your younger years. Joining a sports team is a low-pressure way to build meaningful friendships and encourage teamwork away from the insulating behaviors that make it harder for adults to connect. While it may not be a complete break from adulthood, it’s a social and physical outlet that helps break up daily responsibilities.





man batting with two men standing behind himMotivation

When you work out alone, it can be easy to take a day off of running or going to the gym. Being part of a team provides accountability which can lead to fewer “cheat days” and motivation to perform well for yourself and your teammates. You may even find yourself improving skills, boosting confidence that can be valuable in other aspects of your life.







two men at fence at baseball fieldWeekly Commitment

Looking for a way to escape the pressure of deadlines and stress? Break up your week with a commitment that doesn’t involve work or family responsibilities. It’s a breath of fresh air – literally, if you’re playing an outdoor sport.









Regular trips to the fitness center are an important part of many adult’s wellness routines. Whether incorporating sports into an existing routine or looking for stand-alone benefits, adult team sports are an effective way to exercise without feeling like you’re working out too much. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ latest physical activity guidelines recommend mixing aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity for 150 minutes each week. That might sound like a lot, but you’ll be surprised how quickly time passes while having a good time.

(If you’ve been looking to incorporate cardio equipment, free weights, and more, fitness center memberships for Linwood Crump Shiloh and Stephens-Lee Community Centers are currently free for City of Asheville employees and their family members.)

Co-ed, women’s, and men’s softball leagues begin in March and April, but registration closes on February 28. Register today at AVLrec.com.



While this article focuses on benefits of social sports for adults, upcoming youth leagues for Asheville Parks & Recreation’s dodgeball (registration opens February 21, games played on Saturdays from April 2-May 14) and flag football (registration begins March 1, games vary by age group) leagues are on the horizon. Coach pitch baseball clinics also take place from March 22-April 28 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.