In 2021, the City of Asheville implemented a program to provide bear-resistant trash carts to residents. There are a limited number of carts available each year and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 2 per household.

  • Carts are 95-gallons (same size as regular large green trash carts) and weigh 45 lbs (~10 lbs heavier than regular trash carts)
  • There is a $10/month/cart up-charge for the use of a bear cart. This fee will be added to your regular solid waste fee, which is part of your water bill.
  • Residents must commit to a minimum of a one-year rental for the bear carts.
  • The bear-resistant carts are to be used for trash only (not recycling or yard waste).
  • The bear carts are ‘fully automated’, which means they will stay locked when the lid is closed.  The carts will open when the truck empties them.  Residents will access a special latch to unlock the lid.  The latch does require some manual dexterity to operate.
  • Residents must agree to not modify, alter, or otherwise damage the bear-resistant carts in any way.
  • Once a bear resistant cart is received, if a resident moves they are not permitted to take the cart with them. Carts should remain at the property; not move with the resident. Arrangements can be made for a bear resistant cart to be delivered to the new address if within City service area – call 828-259-5857 to arrange.


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To get on the waiting list for a bear-resistant trash cart, please fill out this form.


Contact Information

For general information about living responsibly and safely with bears, visit

Sanitation Division – 828-259-5857 –