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Parking Space Closure

Parking space closures are offered by the city as a way to assist businesses and residents in downtown with planned or unplanned events. E.g. moving, emergency equipment replacement. All parking space closures are subject to review.  Closures are $22.00 a day per space, and can only be used for non day to day business needs or personal needs. Parking space closures are not for day to day parking needs. You can find the application below. If you have any questions you can email us at or call us at 828-259-5792.

Parking Space Closure Application


Curbside Pick-up Zones

The City of Asheville has launched shared Curbside Pick-up Zones to support local restaurants and retailers in more than 20 locations around the city. This program is the first of the City’s public space response initiatives launched to support economic recovery and safe public access during COVID-19.

On-street parking spaces were selected in downtown locations and on Haywood Road in West Asheville in areas close to restaurants and/or central to goods and services where purchased items can be picked-up curbside for the initial rollout. Each shared zone accommodates 1-3 vehicles and encourages quick turnover (10 minutes) to support active pick-ups. View the in-progress map here.



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Updated 11/20/2020