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Construction of this project is nearly complete!  A new drainage system, as well as an upgrade to a smaller existing stormwater system, was installed primarily along Sulphur Springs Road just past the recently renamed Lucy S. Herring Elementary School to Carrier Street. This effort improved drainage and will reduce flooding on the roadway.  Clinton Avenue, Covington Street and Belmont Avenue also have new stormwater infrastructure installed near their intersections with Sulphur Springs Road.

As part of this stormwater improvements project, the portions of Covington Street, Clinton Avenue and Belmont Avenue that are within the project limits will be repaved.  This work is slated to begin on November 15th, weather permitting.  

The entire Sulphur Springs Road is scheduled to be paved in Spring of 2023 as part of a City of Asheville Streets Department resurfacing project. 



The lack of an adequate drainage system is causing flooding in the roadway of Sulphur Springs Road at the low point of the basin (the intersection with an unnamed tributary of Hominy Creek) .  In addition, the existing culvert does not provide for adequate slope stabilization and is causing erosion of the stream bank at the outlet end of the culvert.  The Sulphur Springs Stormwater project will install a new drainage system that reduces stormwater runoff in the roadway and provides a system that can be upgraded with future projects along the contributing side streets.  A culvert extension and associated stream stabilization will address existing slopes that are failing at the roadway and provide a more sustainable stream bank at the outlet end of the culvert extension that will not be as prone to erosion.

This work is being done in advance of the City bond repaving project as a system improvement and efficiency cost-saving measure.  MSD is also coordinating with the Stormwater Division on this project to upgrade their pipes ahead of the stormwater and paving project.

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  • Fall:  Preliminary design 


  • Fall:  100% Design


  • March:  401 Water Quality Certification (for stream impacts) received from NC Division of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ)
  • Summer:  Advertising project for construction 
  • Fall:  Contract Awarded – Start of construction
  • Winter:  Culvert extension completed – Continued construction


Anticipated completion date Fall 2022.


Before construction project began installing stormwater junction box


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Valerie Welbourn, Project Manager

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