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Elevator #1 is currently being removed. A new motor system that will service all three elevators is being installed.

Video footage for a historic documentary project about the elevators was filmed in November and will be shared with the community when the elevators are completed.




The three elevators at the front of City Hall date to the original construction of this beautiful building, back in the 1920s, and the elevator mechanicals are well past their useful life. Service outages and increasing maintenance costs have led to the proposed modernization project.

The proposed scope of work includes the replacement of two out of the three elevators, with the third elevator being preserved for historic purposes. Although the other two elevators will receive new mechanicals, every effort is being made to retain or re-use historic elements such as the existing cab ceiling, wall panels, vintage signage, and appropriate fixtures.

When completed, the new elevators will have automated operation both as you enter the cab and when you call the elevator from any floor. In addition, the work will bring Elevator #1 back into service, and this unit serves all numbered floors plus the basement level.

Please check this page periodically for updates on design, review steps, approvals, schedule updates, and more. As design progresses, we will get answers on issues like front elevator downtime (if any), preservation of historic elements, and much more.



October 2020 – Signed a Design-Build Contract with Weaver Cooke Construction, MHA Works as designer

January 2021 – Historic Resources Commission approval

February 2021 – Abatement work under the City Hall dome

September 2021 – Begin Demolition of Elevator #1

January 2022 – Elevator #1 Operational, begin demolition of Elevator #2 and #3

March 2022 – Elevators #2 and #3 Operational



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Start Date

October 2020

Completion Date

March 2022

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