Waterline replacement project to cross Tunnel Road


The City of Asheville will install a new 30-inch waterline to better serve Asheville Water Resources customers along a short section of Tunnel Road, Kenilworth Road and Beaucatcher Road area, starting Aug. 28 (see the project area map below). The project will be installed parallel with an aging, undersized waterline in this area.


Will there be traffic impacts? Yes, as this project is expected to last for 180 days. And the City is working to minimize those impacts.


Lanes along Tunnel Road will be closed at night only and reopened every morning to reduce traffic impacts. All work on Tunnel Road will be completed between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. Currently, there are no plans to work Friday or Saturday nights. The Tunnel Road closings should last around three weeks. The project manager expects traffic impacts on Kenilworth at Beaucatcher roads for only a few days.


So please, be aware of this waterline enhancement project as you plan your travel. By upgrading our waterlines are bringing better service to our residents!


For more information, contact Water Resources Project Manager Mark Letterman at 828-232-4589 or mletterman@ashevillenc.gov.