Crews work to resolve water discoloration following repair completion


UPDATE: If your water does not clear…



Due to a water supply line repair earlier this week on North Fork Road from Cragmont Road to North Fork Left Fork Road, City of Asheville customers may continue to experience discolored water.


Thank you for your patience. Staff members have now resolved the issue related to this supply line repair. As we said earlier, it may take  several days to clear the water of  sediment. Water Maintenance crews are flushing lines throughout the system; that’s why you may see some fire hydrants running, for example.


Water Quality staff test water in our lab by the hour to monitor for safety. City of Asheville water is safe to drink and bacteria-free but we understand it is not palatable.  This is an aesthetic issue. Customers are advised to run cold water for 5-10 minutes or until water is clear. If your water is discolored you may want to postpone washing laundry.


We have been asked what is causing this discoloration. The supply line that ruptured was a high-velocity line and the rush of water through an alternate supply line the water was diverted to during the repair stirred up sediment in pipes.


Updated information will be posted on the City of Asheville websiteResidents are also encouraged to sign up for AVL Alert link on the City of Asheville website to receive emergency notifications sent directly to their home or business emails or home, business and/or cellphone numbers.


The City’s Customer Service number is 828-251-1122.