Water crews flushing lines in wake of break; here’s who to call if your water does not clear

hydrant with flowing water




In the wake of a break and repair to a water supply line near the North Fork Dam earlier this week, Asheville customers have experienced discolored water. We also understand that while most of the system is clearing now that the line is repaired, there are some isolated pockets of discolored water. We understand people are concerned and want everyone to know how the City of Asheville is addressing this issue and give our residents information about how to report it if your water is getting darker.


As we said earlier this week, it may take several days to clear the water of sediment. Water Maintenance crews are flushing lines throughout the system; that’s why you may see some fire hydrants running, for example.


Water Quality staff test water in our labs continuing to monitor for safety. All samples have come back negative for bacteria. City of Asheville water is safe to drink and bacteria-free but we understand it is not palatable.  This is an aesthetic issue. Customers are advised to run cold water for 5-10 minutes or until water is clear. If your water is discolored you may want to postpone washing laundry.


We have been asked what is causing this discoloration. The supply line that ruptured was a high-velocity line and the rush of water through an alternate supply line the water was diverted to during the repair stirred up sediment in pipes.


We understand there may be pockets that need targeted flushing. If your water remains discolored or is getting darker call the City’s Customer Service number at 828-251-1122. A Water Maintenance worker will come to address the issue.


Thank you again for your patience. The City of Asheville takes water quality and the safety of our community seriously. For information about Asheville’s Water Resources Department, including a copy of our 2018 Water Quality Report, please visit the Water Resources webpage on the City of Asheville website.