TDA approves funding for greenways, soccer fields and WNC Nature Center enhancement

On Oct. 28, the Tourism Product Development Fund Committee voted to approve funding for a City of Asheville greenway project, and money that will benefit two City-owned facilities. The grants include:

  • City of Asheville – River to Ridge Destination Development: $2.2 million requested; $1.7 million recommended to fund Beaucatcher Greenway, French Broad River Greenway, and Amboy Road Crosswalk and River Access. ($625,000 for Velodrome not recommended).

In addition, the committee recommended funding to partner organizations to support improvements at two City-owned facilities:

  • JBL Soccer Complex improvements: $1.1 million requested by ABYSA; full funding recommended.
  • The Western North Carolina Nature Center improvements: $313,000 requested by the Friends of the Nature Center; full funding recommended.

In total, the TPDF Committee recommended $3.1 million in funding that benefit City-owned facilities.
“The City of Asheville appreciates the support of the Tourism Development Authority for important improvements needed to enhance our community and make it enjoyable for those who visit Asheville and those who live here,” said Mayor Esther Manheimer.

About the River to Ridge network
Together with the existing greenways, construction of the Beaucatcher Greenway and French Broad River West Greenway complete the River to Ridge network, an 11-mile paved path.
The River to Ridge is the entire greenway network that encompasses all the greenways on the river (RADTIP paths and the French Broad River West), Clingman Forest, Town Branch, the on-street greenway connectors, and Beaucatcher.
For more details, see the City of Asheville’s Greenway Master Plan.

Lucy Crown serves as Greenways Coordinator for the City of Asheville. She can be reached at 828-259-5805 or