Simplicity adds new climate justice data

Simplicity, the simplest way to get information you need from your local government, now has new Climate features!  Check out this video to refresh yourself on how to use Simplicity’s tools to access important information including trash, recycling and brush collection, crime and development dashboards and more.  

New features on Simplicity include climate vulnerability and climate justice information along with tools and resources to support residents in taking action to help our community thrive in a changing climate. 

To dig deeper into the complex ways climate impacts Asheville’s communities, Simplicity now includes content that helps visualize how climate threats are compounded by social, economic, demographic and historical factors. Links to climate justice and resilience resources are provided for each address.

Access to data about our city can help prioritize sustainability and equity factors as we plan and prepare. Knowing what risks and vulnerabilities we’re facing will help us tailor resources and actions to serve our whole community and strengthen our individual, household and neighborhood resilience. 

 Check out this video to explore climate vulnerability and climate justice information in your neighborhood!