See an abnormally low or high water bill? Call us

Dear Asheville Water Customers,


Please let us know if you get an abnormally low water bill. Really
Because an error on the front side could result in a high bill a few months down the road — one you might find daunting to pay the next go-round.
And no one wants that.


No one is perfect, including Asheville Water Resources. Billing discrepancies happen for a variety of reasons, including  communication issues with meters, which are scheduled for replacement next year. However, due to the number of seasonal residents who only live here for part of the year, a low or even zero water reading does not trigger an alert on the account the first time it occurs.


Also, an abnormally high bill could mean there’s a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed.


In either case, once you notify Asheville Water Resources by calling Customer Services at 828-251-1122, the City will send out a technician to check the meter and/or for leaks. If the meter is the issue, it’s usually only a battery issue associated with the communication transmitter; the meter itself has been working and recording usage accurately. Once the battery has been replaced, the technician can get an accurate read of your usage and correct your bill within a week.


Asheville customers receive their Combined Utility Statement every two months. It can contain not only the water bill but also charges for other services, such as a Stormwater Fee, Sanitation service and, unless you have a septic tank, sewerage service. There is no “average bill,” as usage varies by the number of people in a household and other factors. 


Working together, we can avoid big bills that stress your budget.