Progress continues on the downtown restroom project at College Street and Rankin Avenue

chain link fence surrounding work site for new bathroom at College and Rankin
UPDATE: May 2, 2024
Phase 1 is expected to be completed in early July.
This phase includes:
  • connecting utilities to the restroom location
  • supporting site work
    •  landscaping
    • concrete work

Safety on site and Parking Access

Fencing is installed around the site to ensure safety on the premises. The contractor’s weekly site work ends on either Thursday or Friday, depending on construction scheduling.

While the contractor is on site, the vehicular and pedestrian entry/exit from Rankin Avenue Parking Garage onto College Street is closed.

After work is completed each week, the College Street entry/exit to the Rankin Garage is reopened for the weekend. 


Contractors are bringing improvements to the site that will host the new bathroom facilities at the corner of College Street and Rankin Avenue.
Phase 1 is well underway with tree trimming complete, already creating a more open feel to the site.
This first phase is slated to last about 40 more days as crews tackle getting utilities such as water, sewer, and electrical needs to support the facility on site. This phase also includes concrete flatwork and initial landscaping sitework.
Teams continue to work with Duke Energy on the placement of new street and site lighting. Security cameras are on order and are planned to be installed within 2-3 weeks. 
Delivery of the bathroom facility is expected this summer around late July  or early August.
Then it’s onto Phase 2:
  • Restroom placement
  • Installation
  • Final inspections
We’ll keep you up to date.