Office of Sustainability shares update on Climate Justice Initiative

people holding sign that says 'climate justice initiative'

In January 2020, Asheville City Council declared a Climate Emergency. The adopted Resolution 20-25 acknowledges the urgent need to combat climate change, the many existing relevant resolutions and goals, and the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on low income communities and communities of color.

What is Asheville’s Climate Justice Initiative?

The Climate Justice Initiative includes a community led definition of Climate Equity and Climate Justice, as well as the creation of the Climate Justice Data Map for staff and public to visualize and understand local climate threats alongside compounding social and economic stressors. And finally, a Climate Justice Guide and Screening Tool for internal operations based on equity choice points identified during Listening + Learning Sessions and Story Circles to determine the extent to which proposed plans and policies prioritize climate equity.

The Data Map, Guide + Tool will be available to city departments and staff to utilize and incorporate climate resilience into frontline communities. The tool is a structured process to recognize disparities, identify the root causes, and develop possible solutions to interrupt inequities; while incorporating climate equity and impacts in planning and resource allocation.

More information on Asheville’s Climate Justice Initiative can be found on the City’s Office of Sustainability website.