Homegrown Talent: Shateisha Bowden

This entry is part of Homegrown Talent, an Asheville Parks & Recreation series that highlights team members who grew up in our community. Coming from the neighborhoods and areas where community centers and parks are located is a huge value to the city, bringing knowledge, connections, and insight that can only come from spending formative years right here at home. Read more from the series.


What area of Asheville did you grow up in?

I grew up in the Mountainside, Kirkwood, and Hillcrest neighborhoods.


When did you join the Asheville Parks & Recreation (APR) team?

In 1993, I joined as a summer youth staff member and continued my career with APR. I have been promoted three times to Recreation Leader, Assistant Community Center Director, and my current position, Facility Manager at Grove Street Community Center.


What inspired you to join the team?

At first, it was just to work in the summertime and make my own money at the age of 13. Then It became a real job and I wanted to become a leader in my community to help others.


Which accomplishments are you most proud of in terms of your work with the department?

I learned the importance of leading by example at a young age.


As someone who grew up in the area, what does it mean to work for APR?

Nothing compares to the impact of seeing smiley faces on those who participate in the programs and activities we provide.


How have you grown professionally by working with APR?

I have met a lot of professional and talented people in this career, learning life lessons from each of them. 


How would you complete this sentence? “I work for Asheville Parks & Recreation because…” 

I work for APR to make a difference in my city and community in the larger Asheville area.


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