Find more local information with launch of SimpliCity 2.0

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What do you want to know, Asheville? From neighborhood information to the City budget, mine data on an updated version of the City’s searchable tool, SimpliCity.


First launched in 2015, this award-winning online tool provides useful information on city development, tax values, even trash and recycling pickup schedules.


What’s new with SimpliCity 2.0? Now it features even more information, including topic dashboards for the City budget as well as capital projects and bond projects. These dashboards already existed but now they’ve been incorporated into SimpliCity to make the information more accessible to our residents.


Shortly after its launch, SimpliCity won a national Technology Award during a Code for America Summit. While recognition is appreciated, the City of Asheville Information Technology Services staff worked to make it even better.


Find the information you need about neighborhood crime, who lives on your street and where the City is on bond project near you by logging onto this Beta version of SimpliCity 2.0.