Earth Day is just around the corner!

Earth Day photo illustration

Earth Day is just around the corner!

The Department of Sustainability invites you to join in the fun of making a cleaner, greener Asheville at home, at work, and in our community. There are many ways to make small changes with big impact to the health and quality of our environment.  Below are a few examples and a super fun opportunity to join in the fun. Earth Day is this Saturday and it’s not too late to schedule your earth action!

  • Check out Asheville Greenworks calendar to join a neighborhood clean up, join in the tree nursery workdays, plan your own neighborhood clean up, or hop in on a Spring Litter sweep!  
  • Tag in with Bountiful Cities to attend a food production workshop or lend a hand at an Asheville Edible Park workday, learn more here!!
  • Sign up for a free home energy chat with the Blue Horizons Project to explore ways to save energy in your home. 
  • Review and take action on energy saving ideas for your home today! Check out this awesome Blue Horizons Project  resource for inspiration and information about putting Inflation Reduction Act incentives to work in your household! 
  • Get better acquainted with the critters in our streams (Macroinvertebrates are cool!).  This family fun stream exploration guide can take your adventures to the next level of exploration and appreciation. 
  • Celebrate Food Waste Reduction Month
    • Join the online Food Waste Challenge to share your home food waste reduction hacks and enter to win great prizes.  
    • Step out on April 30th for the 2nd annual “Taste it Don’t Waste it” chef’s challenge where local celebrity chefs will share creative dishes made from foods we might otherwise throw away. Vote for your favorite bites! More information and event details on the Food Waste Solutions WNC webpage

We can all reduce waste as a first step (less food waste, less single use plastics, more reusable containers and cloth bags!), and when we do make trash let’s commit to putting it where it belongs to preserve and protect our environment and natural resources. Learn more about backyard composting, recycling opportunities, and food scraps drop-offs to do your part this earth month!