City of Asheville water transfers to the town of Black Mountain  

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Black Mountain customers who have received their water from the City of Asheville will now instead get it from the town of Black Mountain.

About 415 customers are directly affected by this switch.  The initial testing is set for June 8.

This move is designed to:

  • Increase water pressure in a lower-than-normal pressure area.
  • Clearly define service areas for the City of Asheville and the Town of Black Mountain.
  • Allow for more efficient water system operation and maintenance by both municipalities.


town logosAs a benefit, customers in this area of Black Mountain will experience an increase in water pressure. It will also increase pressure on existing fire hydrants.

The Town of Black Mountain has been provided with all customer information from the City of Asheville, but is requesting affected customers set up an account with the Town of Black Mountain Water Department at 160 Midland Avenue.  All set-up fees will be waived.  If you currently use bank drafts through the City of Asheville, and wish to continue to have your payment drafted, you will need to sign up through the Town of Black Mountain Water Department.

Black Mountain customers will receive a final Combined Utility Statement from the City of Asheville after the final switchover.  Going forward, they will receive a monthly bill from the Town of Black Mountain which measures water usage in hundreds of gallons.


Potential discoloration

We would like to make our east Asheville customers aware that the June 8 testing has the potential to introduce some discolored water. Water Maintenance crews will be flushing lines at hydrants in the affected area to help clear lines of any air or discoloration. The affected areas include from Old U.S. Highway 70 from Kitzies Court to North Blue Ridge Road, North Blue Ridge Road to Blue Ridge Road and Blue Ridge Road from North Blue Ridge Road to Old Lakey Gap Road and surrounding areas. Customers are advised to wait until the water is clear before using it. If you experience either of these, customers are advised to wait 1-2 hours, then flush only the cold water lines for 10-15 minutes.  If discolored water or air is still present, please call customer service at 828-251-1122.


Questions? Please contact the City of Asheville Customer Service at 828-251-1122, or the Town of Black Mountain at 828-419-9300 or