City of Asheville Purchasing Division to move into City Hall

The City of Asheville buys a lot of items to run the city, everything from office supplies to stormwater pipe and much in between. It sells surplus items too, items ranging from decommissioned police cruisers to backhoe tires. This keeps Purchasing Division Manager Amy Patterson and her staff busy.

Since 1987, the City’s Purchasing Division has been located 3 Hunt Hill Place, along with a warehouse. But Purchasing will move into City Hall the week of Dec. 7.

“The City’s Purchasing Division is responsible for buying supplies, equipment and apparatus for the City. Anything over $5,000,” said Patterson. “On the contracting side, we are oversight for the contracting process.”

In other words, Purchasing staff serves as a resource and reviewer when the City needs to buy anything other than real estate.
As for the Hunt Hill Place building, it will continue in use as Central Stores warehouse for now.

“We’ve been here for so many years we want to get the word out about our move to our vendors as well as our surplus customers,” said Patterson.

The City’s Purchasing Division will be located on the first floor of City Hall, starting the week of Dec. 7.

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