City of Asheville eases restrictions on food trucks and temporary signage 

Food truck regs graphic illustration


The City of Asheville is taking steps to increase access to safe dining options during the course of this COVID-19 public health emergency. To do so, on March 24, Mayor Esther Manheimer amended the City’s State of Emergency declaration to exempt food trucks and restaurants from certain portions of the City’s Unified Development Ordinance. These changes will remain in effect until the City’s State of Emergency ends. 


Operation of food trucks:

  • Section  7-16-1 of the City Code, which prohibits mobile food vendors from operating anywhere other than a permitted mobile food site, is suspended during the duration of this State of Emergency.  This move allows food trucks to operate in residential areas and bring food to more communities such as food deserts. 
  • Vendors must report to the Asheville Development Services Department (DSD)  information on staging location(s) where the trucks will serve, the days of service, and the proposed hours of operation. Reports should be filed electronically at develop.asheville
  • Vendors must comply with all other state and local regulations applicable to mobile food vendors, including Buncombe County Health Code.

Temporary signage at eating establishments: 

  • Section 7-13-4 of the City Code, which limits the number, location, and sizes of on-premises signs that a business may erect and maintain, will no longer apply to eating establishments during the state of emergency.


For more information, please contact The Development Services Department (DSD)  at or The proclamation on these amendments can be found here.


This is an evolving situation and information is often changing. For resources on prevention best practices and news updates, visit Buncombe Ready. Additional County guidance is posted on the Buncombe County Health & Human Services website. Information regarding the steps that the State is taking to address the spread of COVID-19 may be found on the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services website.