City of Asheville completes North Fork Dam Improvement Project

north fork auxiliary spillway

After more than three years of construction, the North Fork Dam Improvement Project is complete and fully operational.  The improvements provide long-term benefits by automating the decision-making element through capacity and safety measures, including reinforcing the earthen dams for seismic stability, providing additional spillway capacity to safely pass water from large precipitation events, and improved monitoring equipment to manage the dam’s physical assets more fully.

On Oct. 20, the City of Asheville commemorated the completion of this project with a special event.  City staff, City Council and partners shared some brief words about the hard work and dedication that went into this project. 

City Manager Debra Campbell closed by noting, “The passion you heard from Leslie Carriero was rewarding for me…it demonstrated this isn’t just a job, it isn’t just work. How we serve our community is extremely important. We are entrusted with health and safety. How we do our job really matters.”

This project also won a national dam safety award for Rehabilitation Project of the Year from the Association of State Dam Safety Officials. 

To read more information about the project, visit the North Fork Spillway and Embankment improvement Project Page.